Authorised Channel Partner of "MAGNETO Clean Tech"

Magneto Clean tech invents and popularises technologies to tackle the problem of poor indoor air quality. We focus on making clean air accessible to everyone, whether in homes, offices or buildings.

As pioneers of the Air purification industry, we are pleased to introduce a new revolution- "Magneto Central Air Cleaner" as an innovative, energy efficient solution for complete air treatment. We have developed a system that integrates with new or existing HVAC systems (AHU, FCU, Ductable, Cassette) to deliver the highest level of air purification (PM10, PM2.5, odour, VOCs and bio aerosols) using proprietary technology of Magneto.

Magneto received multiple certifications such as the IGBC Green Pro, CE, RoHS ASHRAE 52.2 and even a patent pending.

Adhunik in partnership with Magneto has successfully installed MCAC in 20 apartments in the British High Commission .

MCAC is based on an advanced air purification technology that works on 3 principles- Impingement, Polarisation & Agglomeration. It is highly efficient in capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns with very low pressure drop and no recurring costs.

Magneto certified clean air 24x7 using real-time display on any smart device through healthier lives.

Our team shall be at your disposal to offer suitable solutions for all air treatment requirements . Please feel free to reach out to us for any kind of assistance.

Wishing you "ONLY Clean Air"


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